How did I get here?

That story started long before this blog was made. In fact, I’ve already completed my entire nursing education, got pinned, nailed the NCLEX, and also finished a full year of my very first nursing job. I’m a little behind on getting that story onto an actual blog site, but it has been continuously talked about and documented on my Instagram account of the same name. You can imagine how hectic and busy the past two to three years have been, but I finally now have a chance to write out my past history as well as current events here.

Welcome to Scrubs and Books. I’m Khushi, RN, BSN, working on a medical-surgical floor for a full year and some months, with a lot of interest in many things book-related. I’m here to not only talk about my life as an RN or life in general, but also discuss some of my favorite books I just barely manage to read with an already-packed schedule. (Hint: audiobooks seriously help!)

books and nursing