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TTT: Books I wish I had gotten to read this month (Halloween Freebie)


Happy Hallow-eve, book lovers!! This post is a day later than I expected but that’s only because I was hit with a day-long migraine and couldn’t find the ability to properly think or type long enough to write this then.

As far as reading goes, this month was unfortunately, a bit of a fail.

October was a month of new things for me, and the first new thing ever that I started was doing my own BookTube (it is over at scrubsandbooks on YouTube as well if you want to check it out). Watching several BookTubers, however, also inspired me to join a read-a-thon and this month, I attempted to join my very first one, the Hocus Pocus Read-A-Thon!

That…. went as well as expected. 😐 I got absolutely very little done. As a matter of fact, I got a total of three books read this month and only one of them fell into the witchy category in the time-frame for the read-a-thon. I didn’t even get to the group book! Which left me disappointed in myself and thus inspired this week’s TTT: ten books I wish I had gotten to.

Check out the list below! Honestly, if I’m able to grab any of them later, I might still give them a shot, because who says you’re only allowed to read spooky books only one month per year??

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What’s Up Wednesday – Sept 18


In order to get myself to post more in this thing and not slack off for several months *cough* – I decided to start something up for myself called “What’s Up Wednesday”. I introduced it well past midnight last night on my bookstagram post, and decided to bring it here. So basically, every week (or every other week if the answer hasn’t changed, I will discuss:

  • What am I reading?
  • What did I just finish?
  • What did I DNF?
  • What do I recommend?

I’m a few minutes past Wednesday into Thursday but since I am technically still awake and have not fallen asleep yet, I’m counting this as a Wednesday!

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TTT: Books on my TBR I’m avoiding reading and why


So, I haven’t updated since January 2019. 😡 I am clearly not used to updating blogs on a regular basis. But here’s my attempt at updating and getting into the groove of things!

And what better way than to be a sheep and follow the wonderful crowd that’s been doing Top Ten Tuesday every Tuesday?

… even though in this case, it’s a day later. >_>

As per the original post: “Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.” And this Tuesday’s topic is:

Books on my TBR I’m avoiding reading and why!

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Summer 2018


The past four months turned out to be a lot harder than I expected to be able to update this blog, but in between all of the family celebrations, long work days, and a whole lot of unsuccessful online dating, I’ve managed to knock fourteen books off my to-do list, the best record I have set for myself since I had gotten into nursing school and studying/working had taken priority.

Here’s a secret: audiobooks helped a great deal! So did e-books and sneaking in pages to read during break.

Being so set back from the reading world for the past three years, there were a great deal of stories I’ve been slow on catching up on. So, many titles here have been around for a while and I’m only just finishing up reading them and catching up to the rest of the book world. I’ve put a link to Goodreads for these books, if you are anything like me and are really late on hearing/reading about them. Along with passing thoughts. Detailed reviews will be coming later!

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How did I get here?

That story started long before this blog was made. In fact, I’ve already completed my entire nursing education, got pinned, nailed the NCLEX, and also finished a full year of my very first nursing job. I’m a little behind on getting that story onto an actual blog site, but it has been continuously talked about and documented on my Instagram account of the same name. You can imagine how hectic and busy the past two to three years have been, but I finally now have a chance to write out my past history as well as current events here.

Welcome to Scrubs and Books. I’m Khushi, RN, BSN, working on a medical-surgical floor for a full year and some months, with a lot of interest in many things book-related. I’m here to not only talk about my life as an RN or life in general, but also discuss some of my favorite books I just barely manage to read with an already-packed schedule. (Hint: audiobooks seriously help!)

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