Summer 2018


The past four months turned out to be a lot harder than I expected to be able to update this blog, but in between all of the family celebrations, long work days, and a whole lot of unsuccessful online dating, I’ve managed to knock fourteen books off my to-do list, the best record I have set for myself since I had gotten into nursing school and studying/working had taken priority.

Here’s a secret: audiobooks helped a great deal! So did e-books and sneaking in pages to read during break.

Being so set back from the reading world for the past three years, there were a great deal of stories I’ve been slow on catching up on. So, many titles here have been around for a while and I’m only just finishing up reading them and catching up to the rest of the book world. I’ve put a link to Goodreads for these books, if you are anything like me and are really late on hearing/reading about them. Along with passing thoughts. Detailed reviews will be coming later!

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